How to Apply for Paytm Debit card- Step by step Guide 2021

In this digital world, we are moving towards cashless transactions. We all have different types of cards such as Rupey debit card (especially in India), Visa debit card, Master Card, and so on.

Along with different types of cards, you may use different types of payment banks such as Paytm payments bank.

But we all know with a bank we all have their respective cards than why you don’t have the debit card of Paytm Payments Bank.

The answer is Yes. You can apply for the debit card of your Paytm Payments Bank. If you do not know How to apply for paytm debit card then follow the steps shown in the detailed guide.

How to apply for paytm debit card?

To apply Paytm atm card you should have followed the steps mentioned below-

Step 1- Login to your Paytm Account, in your Paytm mobile Application.

Step 2- Select the Bank Icon on your mobile screen.

Step 3- Input the passcode of your Paytm Payments bank.

Step 4- Scroll down and Find out the Bank services, then select the Debit and Atm Card.

How to apply for paytm debit card
Image Source- Paytm Bank

Step 5- Select on “Request Your ATM Card”.

How to apply for paytm debit card
Image Source- Paytm Bank

Than the new screen appears, which will ask for your delivery address, select your delivery address than tap on ” Proceed to Pay”.

How to apply for paytm debit card
Image Source- Paytm Bank

Confirm your Delivering address, after inputting your password then you will redirect to the payment gateway. Where you will ask to pay 125Rs for your new Paytm Payments Bank Atm.

Generally, it takes two weeks to deliver your Rupey card to Paytm Payments Bank.

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Advantages of Paytm Payments Bank Debit & ATM Card.

  • You can use it all over India for online transactions.
  • By the use of an ATM card, you will have different discounts and Cashback offers on different stores and brands.
  • Get up to 2 years of life-insurance with the Paytm debit card.
  • You can use it for withdrawals on more than 2 lakhs ATM, in India.
  • You can use your QR code present over the card to receive your payments.
  • Shop over different merchants by swiping it, all over India.

How to Block Paytm Payments Bank Debit card?

Step 1- Login to your Paytm Account.

Step 2- Click on the Bank Icon.

How to block your paytm debit card

Step 3 – Click on the card image to manage your atm card.

How to block your paytm debit card

Step 4 – Slide the option to block your card and enter the password.

How to block your paytm debit card

At last, If you want to unblock your card then you should press the unblock button.

Different charges for the Paytm physical debit card.

  • To apply for the Paytm payments physical debit card – 120rs.
  • For a duplicate debit card, you should have to pay – 120rs.
  • Maximum withdrawal per day using ATM- 25000 rs.
  • Maximum POS transaction per day- 2,00,000 rs.
  • You will have three free atm transactions in metros and six free atm transactions in non-metros.
  • Paid charges in the metro- 20 rs per withdraws, and 5rs per balance check.

Note- You can check your account balance and mini-statements in your PayTM app free.

How to open a Paytm savings account?

Step 1- Open your Paytm application.

Step 2- Then, click on the Savings Bank Account icon.

Step 3– Read the terms and Conditions.

Step 4- Enter and confirm your password.

Step 5- Fill in the necessary details regarding the nominee etc.

Note- For opening a Paytm savings bank account, you should complete your KYC, which can be done at your nearer Paytm KYC center.

FAQs Regarding PayTM Savings Bank.

How can I get free Paytm card?

As, you are opening the Paytm Savings account, you will have a debit card which is absolutely free.

If you want a physical debit card, than you can apply for it, by following the above steps in this step by step detailed guide.

What is monthly limit of Paytm?

10,000 rs is the monthly limit of the Paytm wallat as per the Paytm blog.

How can I use Paytm ATM card?

You can use at, as similar to the other debits card offered by the indian banks.

Is Paytm bank approved by RBI?

Yes, it is approved by Reserve bank of India, on December 31, 2018


I hope our guide on How to apply for paytm debit card, solved all the queries regarding the Paytm debit card.

Tell me in the comments, do you applied for the Paytm payments bank debit card yet?

If you have any questions or suggestions then the comment box is open for all.

Also share our detailed guide with your friends and family who is having a Paytm account.

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