How to Earn Money by Facebook Page in 2021- Step by Step Guide

We all use social media, especially Facebook. Facebook has more than 1 billion posts published every day, which shows how much it is famous worldwide. Every popular thing brings an opportunity to grow and generate something unique.

Here, the opportunity comes is to earn money from Facebook. Just think about it you are using which you like most, besides you will have some revenue.

Isn’t it look amazing?

From Facebook, you can earn money in different ways, such as- make money by advertising, posting sponsored content, using your Facebook page followers as your customers, and so on.

But today, I will only talk about how to earn money by facebook page only?

Today I am here with the top 10 ways to monetize your Facebook page. Before I tell you how to monetize Facebook page, I would like to suggest to you some ways build your audience on your Facebook page.

How to build an audience on my Facebook page.

1. Operate a Facebook Group in Your Niche

To grow and build the audience, which will become your regular customers need to make your page the niche-specific.

Niche means you should publish content on a particular topic or subject only. You can select the niche in your interest, as it will help you post and work for a long time.

For example, if you like food or cooking, you can share your post on food recipes, different pictures of dishes you cook, videos, etc.

This will build your audience interested in your content, so you can convert them into valuable customers, which I will talk about later in this post.

2. Create Ads for likes and followers.

If you want to build your audience, I would recommend you spend some money on your Facebook page advertisement. Here make sure, I am talking about the ad of the page followers and likes, not the post like and engagement.

If you spend 200 bucks for a day on the Facebook advertisement, your reach will be a thousand times more than organic followers and page likes.

3. Post regular content- videos, posts, and stories.

Building an empire requires continuity of quality work, similarly for making a big audience, you need to post regular content on your Facebook page.

You can post your content in any form. It may be video clips, live-streams, photographs, stories, and so on.

Keep in mind whatever you post, you should mail your content as per your niche.

After building your audience, you need to monetize your page to earn money, so here we are.

How to monetize Facebook page.

1. Facebook page likes.

Some people like to have a large number of likes and shares on their published posts. But to have a good engagement within a less interval of time is not easy.

So you can find and contact these types of people and charge some amount of money on behave of Facebook likes they will have.

You can understand this like that, you have an audience, and someone wants a good engagement without an advertisement on Facebook, then they will contact you as you have a big audience.

You can share their post with your audience, and the person will get engagement on their content.

You can charge as per your audience and niche of your Facebook page.

How to monetize facebook page.

2. Earn money from videos- sponsored video.

As I have mentioned above, your content will include video clips, and some of us may work on some niches on which you can do live streams on your Facebook page.

This is the opportunity to make money. You can include short ads in your videos and instream ads in your streams.

There are three types of stream ads –

  • Pre-roll.
  • Mid-roll, and
  • Image ads.

What are the benefits of using Facebook in-stream ads?

  • More visibility- When you consider the visibility of advertisement in live-streams. It has the highest visibility as compared to video ads or infeed ads.
  • Brand awareness- People consume the video content they like, or in other words, Facebook shows the content more which people want to watch and make it more engaging as the people will watch the content as per their choice.

 It will be easier for brands to promote the products and services, which the audience likes and generates sales.

  • High reach and engagement- Compared to the normal carousal and infeed ads, in-stream ads have more reach and engagement, which means it generates more business than the other ads.

3. Google AdSense. – Via digital marketing.

If you have a blog or website, you have a Facebook page, which means you can drive your audience on your website or blog.

In the blog, you can place ads of any ad network such as Google AdSense and the different affiliate networks’ banners.

Send your audience to your blog or website and convert them into sales and ad revenue.

If you have a blog, you look to our post on How to earn money from blogging in India 2021- Exclusive Guide.

4. Make money by posting sponsored content.

If you have the right audience, the different companies and advertisers will come to you with their content to promote. You can do so and earn some revenue in exchange for promoting their content.

Think about it. If they go with the promotion with Google Adwords or Facebook advertisement, how much money will they have to pay to them for their advertising?

Instead of this, they can contact the different social media influencers to do the same work with their audience, which will charge significantly less than these companies.

How to earn money by facebook page

5. Sell items and services.

Above in this guide, I have talked about the niche. If you have a niche-specific Facebook page, then you can promote your products and services as per your niche.

You can solve your user problem or provide some value to your users and convert them into your customers by selling your services and items related to your niche.

Bonus Tip- You can create different offers on your fan page, which will attract your users to buy your products and services.

6. Fan subscriptions.

Have you ever joined any subscription or done any paid super chats on the internet, which may be on Channel membership or super chats of your favorite YouTuber.

If Yes, then we are here doing the same thing. By enabling fan subscriptions on your Facebook page, you can ask your audience to donate money to support you as a creator.

7. Affiliate marketing.

As I have mentioned above, you can do affiliate marketing by using your Facebook page about product selling and promotion. But some of us may not have a product to sell, but you can join some of the affiliate networks such as Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, etc.

Learn in detail, How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Without a Website.

How to earn money by facebook page - Affilaite marketing

8. Social media Influencing.

Let’s just think about it, you are having a Facebook page of 10K followers and likes, than why other people and compaines will not contact you to grow their facebook pages and groups.

Isn’t it?

You can provide your service as a social media consultant and charge as per your services.

Tip- You can run facebook ad campaigns and approach the people via different facebook groups for your consultency services.

FAQS on How to earn money by Facebook page.

Q. How much money can you make from a Facebook page?

It depends on your followers. not only followers- targeted followers. As more quality followers you have on your page more money you will make. I have mentioned the top 7 ways to monetize Facebook page, which includes selling products and services.

If you have a niche whose products are expensive and valuable to your users, you can make even more than 1000$ dollars per month.

Q. How many views do you need to get paid on Facebook?

If you consider Facebook, you need at least 10,000 fan followers on your Facebook page to monetize your Facebook page.

Q. Does Facebook pay you for views?

Yes, Facebook pays for views on the video content, but Facebook takes a 45% share of the total revenue you earn from the advertisers. That means if you make 100 bucks, then Facebook will take 45 dollars, and you will have only 55 bucks.

Q. How can I get 1000 likes on my Facebook page?

You can get that many followers and likes on your Facebook page by publishing regular content on your page, do a paid advertisement on your page.

My views on how to earn money on a Facebook page.

I want to sum up my detailed guide on how to earn money by Facebook page. If you are willing to monetize your Facebook page, then I would like to suggest you build your audience, which you can do by publishing content continuously on your page.

Then comes how to monetize Facebook page. You can do this by the Facebook partner’s program, selling and promoting products and services, fan subscriptions, etc.

If you have a blog or website, you can promote your blog using your Facebook page.

I hope you have liked our detailed guide on how to earn money by Facebook page. Also, share this detailed guide with all of your friends and family who are willing to make a passive income.

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