How to Earn Money By Playing Pubg Mobile (BGMI) in 2021- Exclusive Guide

Do you play PUBG Mobile?

Nowadays, it is quite popular with the other name, Battleground’s Mobile India, relaunched back July 2, 2021, in India.

Think ones, what will happen, if you play a game you like most and earn thousands of dollars every month. Isn’t it seem fantastic?

You may not believe in me, but what you will say if I tell you about some other plays that earn a lot of money by just playing Battleground’s mobile India.

Have you heard about mortal, aka Naman Mathur? 

If you play BGMI, you definitely know about him and how popular he is, and how much he earns through YouTube and social media.

To do so, you may have the question of how to earn money by playing pubg mobile?

Don’t worry. Today I am here to answer this question. So here we are.

 How to earn money on pubg mobile (BGMI)?

There are different ways to do so. I will tell you about the top 6 ways to earn money by playing PUBG mobile (BGMI). Let’s talk about them one by one.

1. Youtube Channel.

In the beginning, I have told you how popular PUBG mobile is, which means there is a vast audience that will love to watch PUBG mobile gameplays. Here comes the opportunity for a Youtube channel.

You can create a Youtube channel and post different content on PUBG mobile. You can stream or publish short videos on your Youtube channel. I have told you about the content; how you will earn money from PUBG mobile.

  • Super Chats and Donations- People watch gaming streams on Youtube, where they donate money in the form of super chats to support their ideal YouTuber. This is one of the most common ways to earn money from Youtube streaming.
  • Sponsored Stream- When you have a subscriber base on your Youtube channel, the different companies will contact you to promote their products and services. You need to show their logo or image on your stream; you can charge money to do so in exchange.
  • Youtube Monetization- You can enable Youtube monetization, the Youtube Partner program. Youtube will show ads on your channel and content, and you will get money.

 You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the Youtube partner program and earn money from it.

2. Merchandise.

As a creator, especially as a YouTuber, you can promote your merchandise and earn money. Your merchandise can be anything, such as T-shirts, cups, bags, masks, shoes, etc.

You should create your design and promote it to your audience and earn money.

Note- You should take care of the trademark, making sure you use your designs in your merchandise.


How to Earn Money By Playing Pubg Mobile (BGMI)
                     How to Earn Money By Playing Pubg Mobile (BGMI)

3. Instagram.

You use Instagram, and you have seen some of the video clips of PUBG mobile or the other video content. This means you can record your PUBG mobile gameplay, edit them, and post it on Instagram.

Instagram has massive potential for publishing your content as a Promotion Tournaments- and building an audience.

 As you have some followers, say the number of 2k to 5k followers on Instagram, the different sponsors will contact you to promote their products and services.

You can post sponsored stories and Sponsored posts on your Instagram account and earn a lot of money.

4. E-sports.

There are thousands of tournaments organize every day from the world level to the local level. You can participate in these tournaments and can earn money.

 You need to participate in the contest by paying a reasonable fee and make money by winning the match.

You should read the terms and conditions of the tournaments as in some of the games. 

The price depends on the number of kills, so make sure to do so.

You can also earn money by organizing local tournaments to make money. Now the question comes how to organize pubg tournament?


How to Earn Money By Playing Pubg Mobile (BGMI)
                                                                           image source- google |

How to organize pubg tournament?

You can organize a pubg tournament by following the simple steps. First, to earn money, you need a participant with a reasonable participant fee says 100 bucks.

1 Promotion of Tournament- You can promote your tournament on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can share your tournament details on your social media handles to promote your contest.

Tip- You can have your Facebook page for the promotion of the tournament. If you can spend some money on advertisements, you can easily do it using your Facebook page.

As you promote your tournament, it now comes to collect your participant’s details, which you can do so by following the next step.

2. Google Forms- You can use Google Forms, which is free to use. You can ask for their names, Pubg player IDs, addresses, phone numbers, and other essential details. 

You can mention the link from where the players can play your tournament’s participation fee in the form.

You should use the UPI platforms such as Paytm, Google Pay, and Phonepay for the fee transaction, as everyone is using them nowadays.

The bonus tip: You can also collect emails to promote your tournaments and other services further.

3. Buy Room Card- For organizing a tournament, you will need a room card. You can buy a room card from your Clanshop by spending only 300 clan points, which you can earn by doing different tasks and missions.

Then, you can Decide a time and date when you will make room for your tournament. You can choose the map, share the room ID and Password with your participants, and start the game.

5. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from PUBG. You can understand like this-

If you have a Youtube channel, while playing PUBG mobile, people ask about your devices’ details, such as Your headphone, gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, monitor, Pcs specifications, etc.

You can also mention the affiliate links of your setup items such as your green screen, Facecam, and other things.

You can do this by joining the Amazon Affiliate program.

6. Bonus Tip: Sell your PUBG mobile (BGMI) account.

Some of us like to collect different items such as characters, clothes, gun skins, vehicle skins, mythic items, emotes, etc. To do so, we need to purchase UC – PUBG mobile currency and open the creates.

This is challenging to collect the desired item in Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, leading to spending too much money. This is the opportunity to earn money by playing pubg.

If you have some valuable items in PUBG mobile, which may be skins, characters, clothes, or even the RP or the rating, you can sell your id to other people and charge your desired money. 

Many people will love to purchase your account to play PUBG mobile in 2021.


How to Earn Money By Playing Pubg Mobile (BGMI)
                 How to Earn Money By Playing Pubg Mobile (BGMI)


My views on How to earn money by playing pubg mobile (BGMI).

Finally, if you ask me how to earn money by playing pubg mobile (BGMI), I suggest you create a Youtube channel and other social media handles. 

I will publish my content on Youtube and the different social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on to build an audience.

After building my audience, I will promote the products I use while playing PUBG mobile (Battleground’s mobile India). Further, I will go for the Sponsors. Organizing tournaments is your desire, but I don’t recommend it as it needs a team to do so.

You can do this in the same way. I hope you have liked our post on how to earn money by playing pubg mobile (BGMI). If you have any doubts or suggestions, then the comment section is always open.

Also, share our detailed post with your friends or family who plays Pubg mobile (Battleground’s Mobile India).

 Frequently Asked Questions.

Is PUBG banned in India?

Yes, but Now you can play it again with another name, Battleground’s Mobile India, absolutely safe and secure to play.

How do I join PUBG tournament for free?

Different websites and platforms over the internet organize free BGMI/PUBG tournaments for free, such as

How does PUBG app make money?

PUBG or BGMI app earns money by the in-game purchases and sponsorships.

How can I earn money from PUBG in India?

Now you can play Battleground’s mobile India and earn money by following all the steps mentioned in our guide.

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