How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Without a Website in 2021

From the word affiliate, you can understand what affiliate marketing is. You can promote any product or services on different platforms, and in return, you will get some percent of commission.

In our detailed guide, How to earn money from blogging in India,  I have told you how to monetize your blog. I have told you how you can use your website or blog for affiliate marketing.

But know the question can come, is it possible to do affiliate marketing without a website, or in other words, how to make money with amazon affiliate without a website?

Is it possible? Then I would say you should have a blog or website for affiliate marketing.

The reason is simple: if you do not have a website or blog, you should have a landing page or a youtube channel to promote your desired affiliate program.

With a landing page, you should invest money in the marketing of your landing pages. It all depends on your budget how much money you want to spend on its marketing through Google Adwords and Facebook advertisement.

But if you even know  how to make money with amazon affiliate without a website? Then I am here with the top 4 ways for doing affiliate marketing without a website.

How to make money with amazon affiliate without a website.

1. Youtube.

Youtube is the best way to promote the products of any affiliate program such as Amazon affiliate. It would be best if you built your audience by publishing videos on your youtube channel.

People will watch your videos and can check your products from the affiliate link present in your video description.

Steps you should follow for earning money from youtube via affiliate marketing.

You have to create a youtube channel. Before you start your youtube channel, I would suggest you make your channel around a particular niche, and it will help you increase your revenue from the amazon affiliate.

I would suggest you check the amazon affiliate commission rates before you choose your niche.


how to earn money from blogging in india


As you select your niche, then comes the keyword research. You have to find the topics which people are searching for on Youtube. You can do it by using different keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, etc.

I will talk about how to do keyword research for the youtube channel in other posts. So you want to know, then you should subscribe to our newsletter.

As you have done your keyword research, I suggest you purchase the product and make a video review.

When you purchase a product and create a video review or the unboxing video, it makes more impact than the animation or the image review.

Note- On youtube, you can not use other’s videoclips or even images. If you do not have your content, you have to purchase the video clips’ license from the stock websites such as canava and Shutterstock.

So you should purchase the product and create your review video without any issue of copyright strike.

You can create your video on your mobile phone and edit them with any video editing software such as Wondershare Filmora.

Now you can publish your video on Youtube and mention the affiliate link in the video description.

2. Social media marketing.

This is another way to affiliate marketing without a website. You can create your Facebook page and Instagram account and run promotions to promote your desired products.

But it has a flow. If you want to do affiliate marketing with amazon affiliates without any issues, you should have a website or landing page. You can not just send traffic from social media to Amazon directly.

3. Application to monetize.

If you do not have a website or landing page, you should try affiliate marketing through your application. If you have an application, you can monetize it by Amazon affiliate or any other affiliate programs.

Have you heard about the website Cashkaro? It is one of the most significant examples of an amazon affiliate website, and they also have their mobile application.

As mostly in India, 80% of people use mobile. Cashkaro earns millions of dollars per year by just doing affiliate marketing via its mobile application.

How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Without a Website by application

4. Foarms such as Tecknote.

Some online websites, such as, offer free promotion of affiliate products on their platform. It is a new platform, launched this year only.

As compared to the other websites, being new, it is performing excellent and growing day by day.

You need to register to Tecknote and create your profile, and then you can create your unique content in which you can promote your products even using the affiliate link.

Tecknote is the best way to do affiliate marketing without having your website.

If you use tecknote, you do not have to worry about the amazon terms and condition violations and amazon affiliate account suspension.

So what are you waiting for?

How to make money with amazon affiliate without a website | Tecknote


If you ask me about how to make money with amazon affiliate without a website?, I suggest you have your website as you can have it in 30 to 40 dollars per year. The answer is simple; without a website, you have to create landing pages to use response and Mobirise.

Some platforms needs per monthly subscription or hosting to host your landing page. And after creating the landing page, you have to spend money for marketing purposes, which can be done on social media or Google Adwords.

Then comes the youtube channel. It is the most reliable option for amazon affiliate marketing. It can be a great option if you made your mind create a youtube channel, then this will be the best option for you.

At last, I talked about tecknote. It is suitable for the promotion of amazon products without paying a penny to someone. But the point again comes if you have your website that will be best as you don’t rely on some platform, as it is free today, but we do not know it will be open tomorrow or not.

Create your website, earn money from your website’s organic traffic, and create your own identity.

I hope you have liked our detailed guide on how to make money with amazon affiliate without a website; if you have any doubt regarding this or have any suggestions, then the comment section is always open for you guys.

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