11 Easy Rules Of How To Write Your First Blog Post in 2021

Do you have a blog?

If Yes, then you should know how to write a blog post?

When you approach your audience through your blog, it becomes necessary to write a blog post that engages your user till the end.

If you want to earn money from your blog, it becomes necessary to create trust and add value to your audience.

People start a blog but don’t know how to write their first blog post?

Today I will tell you the top 11 rules on how to write your first blog post. I will cover how to make your article engaging, informative and which generates sales.

How to write a Blog Post in 2021?

When you write a blog post, the main highlights are its Headings, Subheadings, and for SEO perspective, its Meta description.

Then comes the body section of your blog post, which includes- Images, Videos, etc.

And at last, I will tell you how I write my blog posts?

So here we are.

1. Headings.

When you consider a blog, your blog posts appear in the search results of Google or Bing. Where only your Heading, URL, and Meta description will show and decides whether the user will click on your link or not.

So it becomes essential to write your heading/Title such that it forces the user to click on your link.

There are some tips that you can follow to write your Heading or Title of your Blog post.

  • Always use odd numbers in your title.
  • Try to create a positive or a negative sentiment through your title.

For example- 9 Easy Rules Of How To Write Your First Blog Post in 2021.

Here I have used an odd number 9 and Easy, which creates a positive or negative sentiment to the user.

  • Next tip, try to use Power words such as Ultimate Guide, Easy, etc. You can find hundreds of power words on Google.

Pro tip- You can use different Title Generators to generate your Blog post title.

How To Write Your First Blog Post

Then comes the Meta description, Meta description I suggest you address the user query, which believes that he will answer his questions.

2. Subheadings.

Subheadings are the next most important to the title of your blog post. Subheadings provide the format and show your blog posts well managed to the user.

It makes it easy to understand your blog post and what knowledge you want to convey to your users.

Subheadings will distribute the different sections of a blog post. If you use a Table of Contents in your blog posts, you can understand it well.

Ideally, I suggest at least 4 to 5 sub-headings you should use in your blog post.

3. Introduction.

After the user comes to your blog posts, the first sentences he will read are of Introduction.

To make your blog post engaging, Introduction is the first step to work on.

I always start my Introduction with a question. For example- at the starting of this guide, I asked Do you have a blog?

The question should be short and straightforward, and easy to read to the user.

Tip- Try to include questions, whose answer is always in YES.

Then I suggest you address the User’s Query and then answer the query within the first 300 words of your blog post.

As you do this, it creates an environment that make-believe the user. He will get the answer to his query in your blog post.

4. Include Facts and Researches.

Always include facts and research related to your topic. When you do, so it creates trust and adds value to your blog post.

You can include screenshots and refer to the other websites about the facts you mentioned.

5. Images and Videos.

According to one of the most prominent blogger and digital marketers globally, Neil Patel, ” Images say thousands of words.”

Everyone likes images between the text. You should include pictures and videos in your blog post.

You can explain the user more effectively through the Image about the topic. When you embed videos in your blog post, it increases your blog sessions, which is one of the most significant ranking factors of Google.

6. Communicate your users via questions.

According to many types of research, when you communicate via. Questions are more effective as compared to the regular statements.

When you use questions in your blog post, it creates an environment about the reader’s topic.

Tip- Always ask questions whose answer is always Yes.

7. Use short Paragraph.

Do you like to read long paragraphs?

I never liked to read long paragraphs, and I think most people don’t.

According to Broadbandsearch.com, more than 50% of people use mobiles to surf the internet.

how to write a blog post

My intention of mentioning this fact is that mobile users are increasing than desktop users.

If you use a long paragraph more than five lines of a desktop within your blog posts, it will show up to 10 lines on mobile. And most people do not want to read long paragraphs.

I hope you understood my point. I always suggest you should keep your paragraphs no more than two lines from your desktop.

It will increase your readability and engagement of your blog post.

8. Always use words like I and You.

You should use words like I and You in your blog post. When you do so, it helps to make the flow of communication between you and your user.

When you talk in the first person to your user, it makes your article more engaging.

9. Conclusion of your blog post.

As you completed your blog post, at last, I suggest you add a conclusion.

I have found many blogs and websites, do not even mention the conclusion.

I strongly suggest you mention your conclusion at last of your blog post. Cover all of your views about the topic inside the conclusion.

10. Link to the other Sources.

From the Seo perspective, you should link your blog posts to other sources. It will build your authenticity and create trust in the user.

To build trust, you can link your social media handles to your blog.

Why the way, have you liked our Facebook page?

11. Read and Edit your Blogpost.

When you completed your blog post, I suggest you read it yourself at least twice.

You may find some grammatical errors and some words that do not fit your copy, which can be edited and make your copy better and engaging.

My Views on How to write a blog post.

When you start a blog on WordPress or Blogger, writing your first blog post is one of the most critical things after Niche and Keyword research.

There are different types of blogposts which we publish on our blog, which include-

  • “How to” guide type.
  • “What and Why” guide type.
  • Product reviews, and
  • List posts such as top 5 or top 10.

In the list post, I did not recommend you to mention more than five products as no one is interested in too many options for a particular product. Everyone wants top 3 or top 5 options in the market.

I want to share a secret about blogging and content marketing.

If you want to earn money from writing a blog post, you should focus on building trust and creating your audience, not only sales.

Solve the user’s problem, and in return, they will purchase the product through your affiliate link.

If you are starting your blog, I suggest you publish two posts per week regularly throughout the six months, including all types of blog posts mentioned above.

Publish an informative type blog post and link it to your product reviews and list-based product posts.

At last, I want to say that traffic is everything in blogging. A new website takes at least a year to start getting a decent amount of traffic, but I want you to publish answers on foram websites such as Quora, Medium and create pins on Pinterest.

Also, share your blog post on your different social media handles, from where you also create some audience and get traffic.

I hope you have liked our detailed guide on how to write your first blog post.

If you have any questions or doubts, please tell me in the comments. Also, share this guide with your fellow bloggers.

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