Net VS Com – Which One is Best for Your Blog in 2021

When you start a blog, you need a domain name.

The domain name is the name of your website, or in other words, it is the identity of your website on the Internet.

Do you know?

There are different types of the domain name.

  • Top Level domain
  • Country Code Top Level Domains.
  • Generic Top-Level Domains
  • Second-Level Domains
  • Third Level Domains

A top-level domain is the top domain name, and they use for worldwide reach, for example.Com, .Net.

ccTLD or in Country Code Top Level Domain name generally uses when you want country-specific audience than ccTLD are the best domain name.

Similarly, the other types come, but today, I will talk about the top-level domain; in the top domain, I will only speak about the .net and .com (net vs. com).

The answer is simple: if you want to start a blog, then why choose to have the global reach using the most popular domain name, .net, and .com.

But do you know about the difference between .com and .net (net vs com)?

If not, then I will tell you all the necessary info regarding .net vs .com.

I will cover what are .com and .net domain extension? Which one is best for your blog or website? And the Advantages and disadvantages of .com and .net.

So here we are.

What is.Com and .Net Domain Name Extensions?

Every place has an address. Like this, your website or blog also has a web address. This address is known as a Domain name extension

Every website has its domain name with different domain extensions.

There are many domain name extensions present, which uses according to their targeted audience or country.

Every domain extension represents the website or blog categories. They lie in different types of extensions mentioned in the introduction part.

net vs com

for, .net, .org, .in, .blog etc. are some of the domain extensions.

If you ask me about .com and .net, they come in the category of Top-level domain names.

Your domain name is the brand name of your company on the E-market. It would be best if you used the correct domain of your e-store or website.

Difference Between .com vs .net Domain Names

If you are a company looking to make your name as a brand and want to earn money from your website or e-store, then .com domain extension is preferred in most cases.

As .com domain extension uses for ‘commercial purposes ,’ it is preferred to use in most cases, even in blog websites.

On the other hand, .net domain extension stands for ‘network.’

It is suitable for the Internet, email, and networking service provider websites and other networking sites.

So if your purpose is to earn money from your blog or website, go with the .com domain extension and avoid the .net domain extension.

Have you ever notice your keyboard when you type on Google through mobile, .com is present in it.

When Should You Choose a.COM Domain Name?

If you are looking for a professional brand website, you should go with the .com domain extension.

Your domain represents your brand name, so use your company name, which you want to make it a brand.

You can use different online domain name generators to find the best domain name for your website.

Approx 50% of the websites on the Internet have a .com domain. There is the only reason to use it, the .com domain extension is easy to remember, and people are very familiar with it.

Any professional website domain should be simple to pronounce and remember, and the .com domain extension full fills all such criteria. It becomes one of the most used domain extension throughout the Internet.

Sometimes you may don’t get your choice’s domain name; then, you can add some words before and after to your domain name.

You should avoid using symbols, hyphens—numbers, etc., in your domain name.

You can buy your domain name from any of the thrust and reputation domain name providers.

When Should you Use Net Domain Extension?

If you are going to stand your business related to Internet networking services such as hosting providers, or other networking services, then .net domain extension may benefit you. .net domain extension stands for “network.”

Some of the companies also have .net domain extension as it preferred after the .com domain extension.

If you choose the .net domain extension, you should need a fair marketing process to make your website a brand.

In many cases, people migrate to the .com domain extension and have a .net domain extension for emergency purposes.

Com vs Net: Which One is Better for SEO?

A domain name doesn’t affect the SEO of your website. If you ask Google about it, you will find that the SEO of any website depends upon the 200 SEO parameters which decide the ranking of any website.

But in the case of clicks to your website in the organic google search, it found that .com domain extensions click more times than .net domain extensions.

In our mind itself, by default, we click first on the website having a .com domain extension as compared to the .net domain extension.

That’s why the .com domain extension prefers more as compared to the .net domain extension.

How to Buy a Domain Name?

Many domain name providers in the market provide domain names at different prices.

Building a website web hosting is also needed, which you can also provide by many hosting providers.

Many of the hosting providers provide domain name free for the first year as you purchase hosting for a minimum of 1 year.

If you ask me one of them, then I suggest you check out Hostinger. It is one of the best hosting providers that provide more hosting for one year in just 40 dollars along with the domain name ( which costs 12 dollars per year).

You can purchase a domain name from domain providers such as Godaddy, Bigrock. Namecheap etc. These are some of the thrust companies.

net vs com

Pros and Cons of .com domain extension

Pros– .com domain extension is one of the best domain extension for commercial purposes. As .com stands for commercials.

Cons– due to its popularity, sometimes it becomes hard to find the best domain name with the .com domain extension.

Also, check out our post on How to earn money from blogging in India.

Pros and Cons of .net domain extension

Pros- if you are going to build a website to provide Internet services or other networking services, the .net domain will be best for you as .net stands for network.

Cons- If you choose a .net domain name extension, then you have to do good marketing of your website with your SEO of the website to make it a brand.

Frequently asked questions on .net vs .com

Q. .com or .net which one is better?

If you have commercial purposes with your website, then go with the .com domain extension. More details are mentioned above.

Q. What is a .net website?

According to Wikipedia, .net is also a top-level domain extension as .com is. You can use it on networking sites for better benefits.

Q. Is .com best for SEO?

SEO of any website depends upon more than 200 SEO parameters decided by Google, not on the domain extension. But .com domain extension indirectly affects the website’s traffic as it found that the pages with the .com domain extension got more clicks in web searches.

Q. What does .NET stand for?

.NET stands for “Network,” and .net domain extension uses for the networking sites.

Q. What does .com stand for?

.COM stands for commercial as all commercial websites and blogs use it.

My views on Net VS Com.

Your domain name is the most crucial part of your blogging journey. Whether you are starting your blog or website, you should choose it wisely.

If you want to have good branding and build your audience, you know the difference between the .net and .com ( net vs com).

If you are looking for an extension for your blog as per the title itself, I have talked about your blog’s best extension, and then I suggest you have a .com domain extension.

And if your business model is based on Networking and information, I suggest you have a .net domain extension.

I hope you have liked our post on Net VS Com – Which one is best for your blog.

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