17 Pros and Cons of Facebook- You should must know in 2021

If you use social media, then you know about Facebook. In fact, Facebook is the face of social media.

Facebook launched on February 4, 2004, and ruling the Internet for 16 years. 

As per the June 2020 report, Facebook has more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, from which you can understand the popularity of Facebook.

Every great platform has its advantages and disadvantages, whether it is Facebook or something else.

To use any platform efficiently, you should know its pros and cons. When you consider people, such as students and teenagers, it becomes critical to understand the pros and cons of Facebook.

Today I am here with the list of 17 pros and cons of Facebook, which you should know if you are a student. 

So here we are.

Pros of Facebook

When you consider its advantages, we consider them in two categories: for business purposes, and the other is for the essential use that all people use for. 

Facebook has many advantages. Let us understand one by one.

1. Be connected to the entire world.

You want to know what is happening throughout the world; then Facebook will be the best option for you.

It gives us opportunities to make friends throughout the world. Facebook’s most exciting part is that it is perfectly optimized to work in low to high-end specs.

This is the also reason which also makes it very popular. You don’t need any flagship device to use Facebook. You can also use it on your Classic keypad phones.

2. Communicate to your loved ones

Facebook provides you many features to communicate with your loved ones. Facebook gives you to text someone, and you can call someone.

Even you can make video calls through Facebook. You can get in touch with your loved ones on Facebook.


pros and cons of Facebook

3. Joins the Groups and Communities

Facebook provides you to create your groups and communities. You can create your private groups and organizations on Facebook.

It provides different features such as, and you can set some rules for your group. You can control and approve the visitor’s posts.

You can also join the different groups and be part of the community of your choice.

If you want to use Facebook for business purposes, then it is the best platform for branding and promoting your business and services on Groups.

4. Create and Follow the Desired Facebook Pages

If you have any online business or any website or blog, this Facebook feature will be one of Facebook’s best features for you.

You can create your website or business pages on Facebook; You can advertise your business by using your Facebook page.

Facebook also provides paid advertisements for you. You can spend view pennies and grow your business faster.

Most famous personalities and business companies have Facebook pages that you can follow free.

Do you have a Facebook page, if yes then also see How to Earn Money by Facebook Page in 2021- Step by Step Guide.

5. Go live with Facebook and interact with the world.

Facebook provides us a unique feature before Facebook; it shares on Youtube. Facebook gives you to make live streams.

You can go anywhere and tell people about it by going live.

6. Know what your friends feel about you.

Facebook allows you to post pictures, videos as well as text. It gives you features of like, comment, and sharing your Facebook post.

You get likes and comments on your Facebook account and can interact more with your friends and family.

7. Easy to use.

You can make your Facebook account is simple, easy steps, and use Facebook.

Facebook gives you full access to whatever you want to do with your account.

From uploading photos and videos to updating status, you can do it quickly. It is easy to navigate.

8. Educational purposes.

Nowadays, you can learn many things about your interests. Some many pages and groups provide education to their students.

Follow and joins the groups to learn mathematics to the blogging free.

9. Facebook is the biggest platform for images and videos.

Facebook is the biggest platform after Youtube for videos and photos. According to the many reports, it was found that millions of pictures and videos are uploaded everyday.

You can set the settings to whom you want to show your videos and photos.

10. Facebook Portfolio

You can create your profile on Facebook as your Portfolio, as we all know that billions of users are present on Facebook.

You can understand that having a public profile on Facebook will help you with your Portfolio, even for your business if you have one.

11. Facebook marketing.

If you have a blog or website or even a youtube channel and want to do promotions on the Internet, Facebook is cheaper than Google Adwords. 

You can start your Facebook campaign at low as 200rs per day.

Cons of Facebook

Every platform has its pros and cons, like the two sides of a coin. Similarly, Facebook also has some disadvantages.

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of Facebook one by one.

1. Privacy Leak

If you read newspapers and see the news, you know about the millions of users’ data leaks from Facebook.

According to the many reports, this happened more than one time in the decade.

Facebook says they have improved their security, and they are very concerned about the user’s privacy.

If you want to use Facebook after all this, you should know Facebook’s privacy settings.

You should add Facebook friends wisely. Do not publish your very private data to Facebook, which may worry you in the future.


pros and cons of facebook
image source- Varonis


2. Fake Facebook accounts

Facebook has billions of registered users. For every 100 users on Facebook, there are 10-15 users who have fake Facebook accounts.

Be away from these Fake accounts and try to add only those whom you know.

3. Not knowing about the Facebook list.

Facebook provides you to choose with whom you want to share your pictures and videos.

You can share your pictures and videos with the public, Friends, and close friends.

People are not knowing about this and sharing their private data with the public, which can create many problems and hurdles for them in the future.

You can create a list of your friends and close friends on Facebook with whom you can share your information.

If you are using Facebook, you should use this feature to protect your data on Facebook.

4. Addictive and Time-consuming

We all are using Facebook, and we know that it is addictive. We open Facebook for a few minutes, and hours pass.

Facebook has millions of pictures, videos, pages, and groups which entertain us.

By giving us as much entertainment, Facebook makes us addicted to it; if you want to use Facebook, you should decide the time limit for its use.

5. Fake news

News goes viral in a few hours on social media sites such as Facebook. But some people misuse Facebook.

They use Facebook to spread fake news. We away and don’t share fake information on Facebook as small fake news can harm society.

6. Distraction from the studies

Facebook is the biggest distraction for students. It is too addictive and time consuming for them.

The entertaining virtual world of Facebook distracts the students from the studies.

Final Words- Pros and Cons of Facebook

Every fifth person in this world is using Facebook. You may also have an account on Facebook.

If you are spending your valuable time on something, you should know at least about the basic stuff about it. 

That’s why I have covered the top 17 pros and cons of Facebook in this detailed guide.

From its pros, we can understand how to use Facebook for our benefit. In this digital age, we all use the Internet, some of us use it for business, and some use it for entertainment purposes.

If you ask me the question of how should I use Facebook?

Then I say, Facebook is a great platform to show your creativity. If you want to build your audience and share some of your content, it is the best platform ever known.

You can even earn money by sharing your content with your audience on Facebook.

It does not matter whether you are a student or an intern. You can do it.

If you want to know how to earn money online without investment for students, check out our post.

For the people who are using it for entertainment purposes, I would say that they use it for a limited time in a day as it will not add any value to your growth.

I hope you have liked our detailed guide on the pros and cons of Facebook.

If you have any doubts and suggestions regarding the pros and cons of Facebook, then the comment section is always open for you.

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