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6 Ways to Fix: Ring doorbell not detecting motion

We all have doorbells at our doors; however, some of us, like me, have smart doorbells. The main purpose of having smart doorbells at my home is to improve security and convenience.

How do smart doorbells work?

Smart doorbells have efficient motion detection AI even in low light conditions. It notifies you of your smartphone devices when someone comes to your home.

As I told you, it consists of motion sensors that also sense visitors and the doorbell gets activated when someone presses the button.

It consists of high definition camera and microphone. They could be either battery-operated or wired doorbells. You can also integrate it into smart door locks.

Somehow last month, my ring doorbell was not working properly. To be specific: Ring doorbell not detecting motion.

So I have been browsing the internet for the whole week, to know the cause and how to fix: Ring doorbell not detecting motion issue.

And I got some solutions to my problem: Ring doorbell not detecting motion.

Common Cause of Ring doorbell not detecting the motion

As I told you, Smart ring doorbells use heat detection to sense motion. However, if the ability to sense the motion is low, it might cause the doorbell not to detect any motion.

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Ring doorbell not detecting motion

Ways to Fix: Ring doorbell not detecting motion.

Check your Alerts settings on Mobile Devices.

We commonly mess with the smart ring doorbell settings, so sometimes we don’t get any alerts for detecting motion.

However, you can check the settings of the doorbell on your devices for alerts.

Before you change any settings, you must know that ring doorbell sends you two types of alerts:

  • Starting when someone presses the doorbell, and
  •  When the heat motion detection AI sense motion in the selected zones.

Please note that these alerts must be turned on using their Ring Mobile Application separately.

Somehow, before you make any change in the ring mobile application settings, you must check that ring app mobile settings whether it has enabled permission to give alerts.

Now follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Open the ring application on Mobile.
  2.  Now choose the doorbell option from the connected devices in the application.
  3.  Now go to the motion settings.
  4.  Then select the motion zones.
  5.  Tap on Add a motion zone and select where you want to receive alerts.
  6.  Now select the save the area and select the required sensitivity.

Now your smart doorbell can detect motion up to 25-30 feet from where it is installed.

Your camera could be the reason.

Your camera, the doorbell detects the motion in the range of the doorbell; however, if it is not working properly, then it could be the reason for the issue of the Ring doorbell not detecting motion.

Make sure you test your camera first to see whether it works fine.

Reposition the camera if any obstacle is in front of the camera. You must also know that the ring doorbell operates with Passive infrared, which detects the heat emitted via the object.

However, you can adjust the camera’s sensitivity by filtering the amount of heat it detects. 

Adjust the Heat Detection Sensor’s Sensitivity.

At the start, I told you about the heat detection sensors of the doorbell, which sense the person’s presence. However, the issue with the sensitivity of the heat detection sensor might be that the doorbell is not detecting motion.

To fix this sensitivity issue, you can follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Open the doorbell application on your mobile phone.
  •  Then go to the motion settings,
  •  Now select the zones and range tab, then
  •  Finally, adjust the Heat detection sensor’s sensitivity as per your need.

Please note that, if you increase the heat detection sensitivity, you will get more alerts as a small object comes in the doorbell range. It might solve your issue of the ring doorbell not detecting motion.

Generally, the manufacturer knows the best settings for your ring doorbell, and you get the right settings for your doorbell by default. However, if you think that is not working for you, you can change the sensitivity of the doorbell from default.

Troubleshoot for the Connectivity Issues.

As you are going to connect your smart ring doorbell with your home Wi-Fi; however, if your internet speed is not enough, it might face a connectivity issue which may lead to the Ring doorbell not detecting motion.

Follow the steps mentioned below to troubleshoot the ring doorbell-

  • Again open the ring application on your mobile phone.
  •  Now go to the devices option, and select the ring doorbell device from it.
  •  Check at the bottom of your screen, and you will find the device health option and select it.
  •  In case of a power issue, you can check the power status by selecting Power Status and confirming the power status of the ring doorbell.
  •  Now the main part has come. To fix the network connectivity issue, tap on Reconnect to Wi-Fi or Change Network option.

Reset your doorbell at last.

If changing the sensitivity does not work for you. Then I recommend you reset your doorbell for once.

Follow the steps to reset the ring doorbell device mentioned below-

  • Firstly make sure that your ring doorbell is fully charged.
  •  Now carefully remove the safety screws, followed by the faceplate.
  •  You will find a black button in front of the camera somewhere, and press and hold it for 10-15 seconds to reset the ring doorbell.
  •  As you finally release the button, the device will flash light for a few seconds, indicating that the doorbell is restarting.

Contact Customer support: The Last resort.

You have troubleshooted the device, changed the motion sensor sensitivity, and even restarted the device; even now, if you are facing the Ring doorbell not detecting motion, you must contact customer support.

This might be the issue of the software defect or the sensor, which could only be helped via customer support.


If you have tried all the steps mentioned in this guide and still facing issues, then you could contact customer support; however, If your device is under warranty and could be repaired, then it’s ok; otherwise, look for a new Smart ring doorbell for your home, that might be the best option.

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I hope you have liked our blog post on Ring doorbell not detecting motion; if you think our efforts helped you even a little, please share our blog post on your social media.

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