Supreme Campus Review 2022: Student Honest Review

According to the survey by statista, in 2020, India had over 749 million internet users across the country.

This figure is projected to grow to over 1.5 billion users by 2040, indicating a significant market potential in internet services for the South Asian country.

The biggest reason might be the cheap Internet or this Pandemic. The important thing is that doing this brings us the opportunity to build something that can generate a Passive income for us, so we get some earning even if we lose our job like the way it happened in previous years.

After this pandemic, I searched for various passive income options, and I found a few options, such as Starting a blog?

Before starting my blog, I faced the issue of getting the proper knowledge in the appropriate order.

After all, either you spend your time and effort finding the right guide and learning from it, or you get all the information in the correct order with the right source by spending a few dollars.

And this might be the reason why people make their courses and sell on the internet.

When I was searching over the whole Youtube and found some of the good tutorials regarding starting a blog, the issue I had was not getting the information in the perfect order.

I recently got to know about the Supreme Campus, the online platform where I came to know about all the knowledge regarding how to build my digital asset/business.

Now the question comes whether Supreme Campus is worth buying? Do you have to enroll in Supreme Campus?

Do not worry; I will answer all of your questions in this in-depth Supreme Campus review guide.

Supreme Campus Review And Complete Analysis.

What is Supreme Campus?

Supreme Campus is the online platform where you learn about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and Youtube. You can create your own online business and make a stable passive income by knowing all three.

Supreme Campus was founded by Mr. Kirtish Vyas, Blogger, Youtuber, and an Affiliate marketer.

Supreme Campus Review
Supreme Campus Review

The next question which comes is why you should choose Supreme Campus?


Why should you choose Supreme Campus?

Supreme Campus focuses on the three skills: Blogging, Affiliate marketing, and Youtube. And believe me, if you master all three skills, you can build your own online business and digital assets.

Now the question comes why you should choose Supreme Campus?

The answer is quite simple, and Supreme Campus provides you the complete knowledge around all three skills at the most affordable pricing. If you purchase the individual course for these three in the market, you might have to pay even 5 to 10 times its actual pricing.

Supreme Campus is limited to this course, and it contains some other modules and features, which I will tell you later in this guide.

“It is said that if you choose the right teacher, then you are the halfway of your Journey.”

So it is essential to know who your teacher is.

At the start, I told you about the founder of Supreme Campus- Mr. Kirtish Vyas. So who is he, and why should you learn from him.

Who is Kirtish Vyas?

Kurdish Vyas is a Blogger, Youtuber, and Affiliate Marketer, who has earned more than 150K Dollars in two years with the 5+years of experience.

He has multiple blogs such as BloggingOS, Mrvyasidea, and Soundproof Idea. This is not the end. He has more than 70K Subscribers over Youtube and taught up to 7000 students over Udemy.

Supreme Campus Review
                                                                                                                                  Supreme Campus Review

What is Inside Supreme Campus?

Supreme Campus includes six different programs in its Starter Program. There are as follows-

  • Blogging Supreme Launchpad.
  • Affiliate Supreme Launchpad.
  • Youtube Supreme Launchpad.
  • Supreme Business Model.
  • Supreme Vault / Capsule.
  • Supreme Partner Program.

The Blogging Supreme Launchpad, Supreme Business Model, Supreme Vault / Capsule, Supreme Partner Program are available. From the 1st of January 2022, the Affiliate Supreme Launchpad will be available for everyone.

And the Youtube Supreme Launchpad will be available soon after it.

Note- If you read this a few days later, these programs might be available for us. 

Supreme Campus Review
                                                                                                                              Supreme Campus Review


Supreme Business Model.

According to Mr. Kirtish Vyas, you need 80% mindset and 20% Tactics to run a successful business.

If you have the right mindset regarding your business, you can achieve success in your blog or online business by applying the right tactics.

And he was right. I believe in this. In one of his videos, he asked about what you truly want in your life and how much money you want to make?

Then he said that you might be thinking of getting financial freedom which is good but to achieve your goal, you have to be specific about how much money you want to make and when you will make it.

For example, I want to make 100 dollars within three months of my blogging journey.

His video on mindset is fantastic, and it is crucial. So you must check it out first before starting Blogging Launchpad.

Supreme Campus Review
                                                                                                                    Supreme Campus Review

Blogging Supreme Launchpad.

Blogging Supreme Launchpad is divided into specific sections-

  • Supreme Mindset Clarity.
  • Blogging Launch Stations
  • Supreme Niche Clarity.
  • Blog or Website Complete Technical Setup.
  • Keyword Supreme Mastery.
  • SEO Supreme Mastery.
  • Supreme Content Writing Mastery.
  • Supreme Traffic Mastery.
  • Blog Monetization Mastery.
  • Supreme Blogging Tips.
Supreme Campus Review
                                                                                                                        Supreme Campus Review

Supreme Mindset Clarity.

Supreme Mindset is all about the mindset before you start your blogging journey.

He told me about the Blogging Supreme Launchpad, what I will learn in it, and my mindset while learning and implementing it in my blog.

It is like the orientation class for the Supreme Blogging Launchpad.

Blogging Launch Stations.

Content Management systems are the system and platforms to publish content and start your blog. Blogging Launch Station is all about these. Here I learned all about the CMS, like the CMS and the difference between blogger and wordpress.

Supreme Niche Clarity.

That is the section which I like most. After all, your niche will decide how much money you will make if you choose a niche where you are only limited to monetizing your blog via ads ( limiting your earning).

Sometimes you don’t even get enough content to create around your niche, making it difficult to scale it and increasing the chances of generating more revenue.

I started multiple blogs before joining the Supreme Campus and stopped working on them all because of selecting the wrong niche. Every time I either don’t have enough content to create or do not know how to monetize my blog other than Google Adsense.

So after Joining Supreme Campus, my Niche selection issue got solved. And believe me, Niche selection is the most critical part of your blogging journey.

Blog or Website Complete Technical Setup.

As you selected your niche and want to start your blog, the next thing that comes is the setting up of your blog. It is not a tough job, but it contains a wide range of things to do.

  • Selecting Domain and hosting.
  • Connecting Domain and hosting and installing WordPress.
  • Installing mediatory plugins and themes.
  • Theme Customization and so on.

It is not limited to these points only; there are far more things you will learn other than these in the Blog or Website Complete Technical Setup.

Keyword Supreme Mastery.

Keyword research is the most crucial part of blogging after the backlink. But if you do the keyword research correctly, you might not need to build backlinks.

However, what I learned from Keyword Supreme Mastery, I never learned from free sources such as Youtube.

Some excellent Youtube Channels teach Keyword research, but you never get this level of learning in a well-arranged manner on Youtube.

You might be surprised that there are 25+ modules just only in the Keyword Supreme Mastery itself. Where I learned-

  • What is Keyword/ Keyphrase?
  • What are LSI keywords?
  • How to do keyword research using Free and Paid Keyword Research Tools?
  • Reverse Competitive analysis using Quora, Medium, Pinterest, etc.
  • How to use Google search console for keyword research? And so on.

After the niche research part, I liked this section of Keyword Supreme Mastery most. And even I researched tons of keywords using those techniques mentioned in Keyword Supreme Mastery.

The best part is some of my keywords are even ranking in the top 100 in Google.

SEO Supreme Mastery.

SEO or Search engine optimization is the best way to get lifelong organic traffic for your blog, and after all, traffic equals money.

And Supreme campus understands this very well. That’s why this SEO Supreme Mastery contains in-depth knowledge around SEO, and it includes 30+ videos on only the SEO of your blog.

It contains in-depth knowledge regarding-

  • On-page SEO.
  • SEO plugins.
  • Off-page SEO.
  • Backlink building Strategies.
  • History of SEO and so on.

Supreme Content Writing Mastery.

You researched your keyword and set up your blog, which is when you publish content. Content writing is writing content, but it is more about creating content that has engagement and usefulness to your user.

If your content is engaging and problem-solving to the user, then there are chances that your site visitors might become your high-paying customers.

In Supreme Content Writing mastery, you will learn how to write content that generates sales?

It also contains videos, especially for writing the Amazon affiliate articles and Silo Structure.

Supreme Traffic Mastery.

As you create your content, this is the time to drive traffic for your blog. In Supreme Traffic Mastery, there are up to 15 videos only on how to drive traffic via free and paid resources to your blog.

Here you will learn how to use platforms like Quora, Pinterest, and other forum websites to generate traffic. Not limited to that, there are also multiple different ways to drive traffic, such as Google images, Email Marketing, Social Media, etc.

There are many more methods in the Supreme Traffic Mastery that you can learn even you are a beginner. The best part of them is Most of them are free to drive traffic.

This means you do not have to spend a single penny at the beginning of your blogging journey, which is the most crucial part for a newbie.

Blog Monetization Mastery.

In the Niche selection, I told you about the monetization of your blog. After all, you created this blog for earning money, but do you know the proper ways to monetize your blog.

In Blog Monetization mastery, I learned about 14+ ways to monetize my blog and earn money. And you might be surprised that they are not limited to serving only Ads.

Supreme Blogging Tips

At last, in the Supreme Blogging tips, I learned about various tips and tricks apart from the modules mentioned above. If you follow the videos mentioned above, they are more than enough for a beginner.

But if you got some other things under your sleeve that will increase your traffic, what is the issue?

Supreme Vault / Capsule.

People sell their courses in the market and do not care about any other help after selling their courses. After all the students who enroll in their courses learn and implement them, they face some problems.

But with the Supreme Campus comes the Supreme Vault/ Capsule program, where Mr. Kirtish Vyas personally gives live training twice a month.

Where enrolled students can interact with him and ask questions regarding their queries, the best part of Supreme Vault is you will get private live training, as you will get the google meeting on your registered email id, before the training.

The next thing is if somehow you couldn’t attend the live meeting, the webinar will be recorded in the Supreme Capsule, which you can watch again and again and learn from the queries of the other students.

Supreme Campus review
                                                                                                                      Supreme Campus Review

Supreme Partner Program.

Do you know the best affiliate product you can promote and earn money?

There are different affiliate programs such as the One-time affiliate program, recurring affiliate, and Learn and earn program.

I mean, you sell the product and get the commission at one time. With the Recurring affiliate program, you will get recurring income every month, while in learn and earn program, you will learn something and promote that product and make money.

Such products/ affiliate programs are the best affiliate program to earn money. After all, you are using that product, and you recommend something you used.

You might be surprised to know that Supreme Campus also has Supreme Partner Program, which allows their enrolled students to promote the Supreme Campus itself and earn money.

You can make a 15-30% affiliate commission for every sale with the Supreme Partner Program.

Supreme Campus Review
                                                                                                                              Supreme Campus Review

How to Join for Supreme Campus?

At the start itself, I told you that the main highlight of this course is its affordability. It just cost you 75 dollars, excluding all other taxes, and just think about it you are getting all six-module bundles in just 75 dollars.

Supreme Campus Pricing
                                                                              Supreme Campus Pricing

If you check in the market, you might find the only blogging course at this price range or even more, but you are getting all in just 75 dollars along with the bonuses mentioned below.

To join Supreme Campus, you just have to follow the link or click on the button below-


Bonuses By Kirtish Vyas for Joining Supreme Campus?

1. Premium Theme for 1-year.

If you join Supreme Campus, for now, you will get the premium theme license for one year, which you can use on two websites.

After all, you will need a theme for your blog, which might cost you up to 4000 INR, and you are getting this for free for your two websites.

If you join now with the link below, then I will also provide you with one more license for the premium theme from my end.

2. Entry In Private Community.

Only for the members of the supreme campus will you get entry into the private community built over the Mighty Network.

The best part of it, here there are multiple groups which you can join according to your likes and help each other. You might get some clients as some students will need your services, and this Private Community will fill this gap.

3. Live Coaching Invite.

You will get live coaching twice in the month, which costs much if you join someone’s private workshop for learning purposes.

4. Secret E-Book Guide.

You will get 11 proven steps e-book on how to start a successful blog with more than 100 pages. I read the complete e-book, and it is impressive.

Wrap up on Supreme Campus Review.

Supreme Campus offers a lifetime deal and provides this premium information at just this small pricing.

If you don’t believe me, OK, look for any of the courses on the market see the pricing. If you even look for the blogging or affiliate marketing course individually, it might cost even more than the complete bundle that supreme campus is offering.

By the way, if you want to learn digital marketing, blogging, and affiliate marketing from me, then you must subscribe to our newsletter.

If you claim your best deal now following the link given below, then I will personally give you the Premium License of the Astra pro for free for 1-year for your single blog website.

So Enroll now!


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