How to Start a Blog in India 2021- Exclusive Guide

How to start a blog?

It is not a big deal if you know the right strategy to do so.

Today you will get all that you want to know about starting a blog. I will cover the following topics in the detailed guide mentioned below-

  • What is a blog?
  • How to select a niche for a blog?
  • Blogger vs. WordPress- which one is the best platform for blogging?
  • What is a domain name and hosting?
  • How to do keyword research for your blog?
  • What is On-Page SEO?
  • What is OFF page SEO?
  • How to monetize your blog?

You can consider this as a blueprint of how to start a blog in India.

I have told you in brief about creating a blog, but I know you may question whether it is worth starting a blog in 2021?

If yes, then I will answer this question at last after telling you all the necessary information on how to start a blog?

Before I tell you about how to start a blog, I suggest you know why you need to have a blog, especially in 2021.

Here some of the examples of a blog, which are popular and earning a fair amount in India

1. Mr. Harsh Agrawal- Founder of Shoutmeloud

He teaches people through his blogs about blogging and digital marketing and made more than +52000$ in July 2017.

He monetizes his blog from affiliate marketing and manages a Youtube channel with Harsh Agrawal’s name.

2. Mr. Srinivas Tamada – founder of

He makes more than 50000 dollars per month by teaching about programming, PHP, Ajax, and other web-design aspects.

3. Mr. Kirtish Vyas- Founder of Bloggingos, Soundproofidea, and

Mr. Kirtish Vyas, Blogger, and Youtuber, his website makes more than 3500$ form his youtube channel and single website in December.

He has more than one website, which you can understand how much he is earning from blogging.

There are a few Indian bloggers who earn a vast and massive amount of money. If you want to know about some more, then click here.

I have shown you the earning proof of some of India’s bloggers, which are not less than a software engineer’s yearly package.

Isn’t it looks enough to start a blog in 2021?

I hope you have made your mind regarding starting your first blog.

How to start a blog in India- Detailed Guide.

When you search any query in Google. As a result, you have ten different pages to answer your query in the form of text, images, and visuals.

The results which you find in the form of text are known as Blogs.

Some of the blog results which I found for query what is digital marketing

what is the difference between a blog and a website

You may have seen the eCommerce store lying in the top 10 results in Google, known as websites and E-commerce stores. If you want to know more in detail, check our post on the Difference Between a Blog and a Website in 2021- Complete Guide.

I hope you have understood what a blog is? Before you start your blog, you have to understand what a niche blog is?

What is a Niche Blog?

If you want to start a blog in 2021 and succeed, you should choose a niche before starting.

When you write about a particular category or section in your blog is known as NicheNiche. For example, Noise reduction.

As you drill down your category, then comes the SUB-Niche and Micro NicheNiche.

You can understand it by the same example of Noise reduction.

When you consider Noise reduction as a niche, and as you drill down to it, and write about How to soundproof your room, then comes the sub-niche, and finally, you drill down it and write about only how to soundproof your ceiling only.

This was just an example. There are thousands of niches, sub-niches, and microniches to make good money in India.

Now comes the question of how to choose a niche for your blog?

How to choose a niche for your blog?

To choose a niche, you should start with pen and paper, as if you want to write content for a long far, you have an interest, some experience, and knowledge about that particular topic.

You need to pick up the pen and paper and start writing what your hobbies are, what you like to share with your audience, and so on.

To get a brief overview, you can use Ezine Articles, which will give you a good overview of the different niches.

how to choose a niche for blog

You may have a good list about it, but to earn money from your blog, you have to find out whether people are searching for it and it can be monetizable or not.

For the first task, you should take a look at google trends to find out whether the people are interested in your NicheNiche or not.

how to choose a niche for blog

Here I took the example of earn money online. When I searched this term on Google trends, I found a graph which shows the people are searching for it on google for the whole past year.

Let’s compare this with something else.

how to choose a niche for blog

I took a niche raincoat, and you can look at the ups and downs. The trends go up in the rainy seasons and down throughout the year.

Here we can understand that if you choose a niche whose trend is seasonal, like a raincoat, you can realize you can only make money in the rainy season, and you will not get traffic throughout the year means no revenue.

When you find entirely out the trend of your particular topic, now you have to find out whether you can monetize it or not.

If you want to monetize your blog, you can do it in many ways, including Ads networks and Affiliate marketing.

I will tell you about monetizing your blog at the end of this detailed guide on setting up your blog in 2021.

If you want to know, is your Niche can be monetizable or not, then I must say that primarily you can do it with ad networks such as Google Adsense, which work on CPC of the keyword.

You can find out on Google whether your targeted NicheNiche has any running ads on Google. You can do this by just typing your niche topic on google and check it.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner tools to find out the CPCs of keywords related to your NicheNiche.

Hoe to choose a niche for blog

Here you can find out the different keywords regarding niche-earn money online along with their CPCs. If you want to earn via Ad network- Google Adsense only, you should check out the CPCs of your NicheNiche related keywords.

Another way to monetize your Blog is Affiliate marketing. When choosing a niche, you should also check and determine whether it has products related to your NicheNiche.

Like this, you can find out your NicheNiche.

After selecting your NicheNiche, now comes on which platform you start your blog in 2021.

WordPress vs. Blogger: Best Platform to start a blog in 2021.

There are many content delivering platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Wix, and so on. But among all, Blogger and WordPress are the most popular platforms for starting a blog in 2021.

Lets’ start with a blogger.

how to start a blog in India 2021

Blogger or Blogspot is one of the best content delivering system in the world. You can start your Blog using a extension.

When you start with a blogger, you have to know that you don’t need web hosting to start a blog with blogger. But if you want to earn money from bloggers, you should add a custom domain with your Blogger blogger.

Pros of Blogger.

  • You do not need Web Hosting.
  • Free to use.
  • Easy to use dashboard.
  • Create an unlimited blog post on your Blog.
  • Highly secure by google.

Cons of Blogger.

  • It does not as advance as WordPress.
  • You can perform limited functions with a blogger.
  • A limited number of themes in Blogger Library.

Note- You can use custom templates for your Blog in blogger- readily available on Google.

You can purchase a custom domain, and I always prefer a .com domain extension, which may cost you 8-10 dollars per year.

Now comes WordPress.

how to start a blog in India 2021

WordPress is also a content management system similar to blogger. It is divided into two different platforms one is, and another one is

With, you don’t have to buy a domain and hosting. You can pay some amount to them, and they can allow you to create your website and Blog.

On the other hand, is free to use, but it requires domain and hosting to start your Blog on WordPress in 2021.

Pros of WordPress.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Advance than blogger includes millions of plugins for every function.
  • Large theme library
  • Free to use.

Cons of WordPress.

  • You are responsible for your blog security.
  • It requires at least 30 to 40 dollars investment per year on hosting and domain.

If you ask me about which platform, I suggest you use it. Then I say if you have at least 8 to 10 dollars for initial investment, start with blogger as you need a custom domain for the approval of Google Adsense.

As you get the google AdSense approval, then I suggest you migrate to

I have mentioned domain name and web hosting above, but do you know what they are.

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is the identity of your Blog. You can consider it as the address of your blog on the Internet.

There are different types of domain names: top-level domain name, country-specific domain name, etc.

If you want to start a blog, I always suggest you have a .com domain extension.

There are different types of the domain which you can choose for your Blog.

Check our post on Net VS Com – Which One is Best for Your Blog to know in detail about the types of the domain name and which domain you should choose for your Blog.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a web space where you store your website files such as images, posts, videos, etc. When a user visits your domain name, it sends the request to your web hosting, and in return, your web server responds.

There are different web hosting types, such as Dedicated servers, Virtual Private serer, Shared Hosting, and Cloud hosting.

1. Dedicated Server.

When all of the resources are issued for your single sites in the complete server, this is known as a dedicated server. It the costly and starts from 120 dollars per month from a reputable hosting company.

If you are willing to start your own business or company, then only I suggest you have a dedicated server.

2. Virtual private server.

When different sites share a dedicated server, say some four sites, each individual will have one virtual private server.

VPS hosting is also expensive. If you have a blog with thousands of hits at a time, I suggest you have VPS hosting.

3. Shared hosting.

When the different individual sites further share VPS hosting, each individual will have shared hosting. Shared hosting is the only which I recommend if you are starting your Blog.

It is cheap, as it starts in less than 1 dollar per month offered by Hostinger.

If you are willing to start a blog, then start with shared hosting of hostinger, with its premium plan (includes domain name) costs 30 to 40 dollars per month, and you can host multiple sites on a single hosting plan.

4. Cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is a network of multiple virtual servers. It provides high speed, performance, and security.

The most important thing about cloud hosting is that you only have to pay for the resources you use to form its cloud server.

But It is again costly as compared to shared hosting. It starts at 10 dollars per month.

Note- You can start with shared hosting offered by Hostinger. As you gain good traffic, then you can migrate to cloud hosting.

What is keyword research?

If you have a blog, the topmost priority is to rank your blog posts in the top 10 results of Google. To do so, you have to know about some basic stuff- Keyword Research and Search Engine optimization.

When you type a query on Google search and get ten results on your first page, this query is known as “Keyword.”

If you target the short tail keyword, then the chances of ranking your blog post in the top 10 results are less compared to targeting long-tail keywords.

Now the question comes what are long tail and short tail keywords?

What are Short tail keywords?

When you search the keyword of one or two words, it is known as short-tail keywords. To rank for short-tail keywords, you must do high SEO as they are too much competition.

In 90% of cases, you may not rank for the short tail keyword, as the high authority websites acquire the top 10 positions, and you just created your Blog.

What are the Long-tail keywords?

When you search keywords of more than three words, such keywords are known as long-tail keywords. When you target long-tail keywords, the chances of ranking is high as there is less competition for long-tail queries.

What are the LSI keywords?

When you search a keyword in google, google also suggests some keywords related to it. Such keywords are known as LSI keywords. You can consider them as the synonyms of your targeted keywords.

If you target a single keyword too many times to rank higher in Google, this is known as keyword stuffing, known as negative SEO. But this can result opposite and can drink of your Blog.

Here the solution, which is LSI keywords.

What are LSI keywords

For example, if you are targeting a keyword, “How to lose weight fast,” along with you can also target “How to lose weight quickly.”

The second keyword is the LSI keyword, which also has the same meaning as your targeted primary keyword. Hence you can use LSI keywords as secondary keywords and manage the keyword density of your blog posts.

I have told you about the different Keyword types; now comes how to do keyword research in 2021?

How to do keyword research for Blogs?

To do keyword search, you need some tools, which may be free tools and paid tools.

Some tools such as Google suggestions, Google keyword planner, What my Serp extensions, Keyword server extension, The Hoth, are free tools for keyword research.

If you like to use some paid keyword research tool, you can use AHREFs, and Semrush paid tools.

Many methods can be used for keyword research, but today I will tell you some basic keyword research methods.

Let’s take an example. I want a low competition keyword on “earn money online.”

Step 1- I will search my seed keyword in Google search and see the suggestions Google gives.

How to do keyword research for Blog

Here you can see some of the suggestions given by Google. There are different suggestions in which I found some valuable keywords, such as “earn money online without investment for students.”

Step 2– Find search volume and Keyword difficulty.

You can install the extensions such as keyword surfer and WMS everywhere, which will show the search volume and the related LSI keywords.

How to do keyword research for Blog

To determine the keyword difficulty (competition of keyword), I use the ahref keyword explorer tool.

How to do keyword research for Blog

You can see, ahref is showing ten keyword difficulty for the keyword to earn money online without investment for students. Ideally, I suggest you go with the keywords having a keyword difficulty of not more than 20 as a beginner.

If you find out high keyword difficulty for your keyword, you can check the “Keyword ideas by search volume,” where you will find some other suggestions in the form of questions and related keywords.

You can also apply some Keyword difficulty and Volume filters for the keywords you will find in the suggestions and get the most valuable keywords for your Blog.

Note- When you search your keyword in Google and find out Form sites such as Quora, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, or the Youtube videos in the results, you can consider it low competition keywords.

I have given a basic overview of keyword research above. If you want to know more about keyword research, then subscribe to our newsletter for additional detailed guides on advanced keyword research techniques.

How to find Content or Blog Post Ideas?

For the content ideas, different platforms will give you additional content ideas for your blog posts.

The most popular is Quora. It will give you unlimited content ideas in the form of questions and topics.

How to earn money online without investment for students _ Quora

Further, you can use Google Trends and Google Question hub for the same purposes.

You can also check out tools such as buzz sumo, which will give unlimited topics and ideas along with its social shares.

Are you getting how to start a blog in India?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing for a blogger and digital marketer.

To rank a blog post in the 1st position on Google, you should know how to do SEO of a keyword.

SEO is divided into two parts, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

In One Page SEO, you optimize your blog posts for your targeted keywords, which helps to rank your blogpost for your targeted keyword in Google.

Besides, you have to do Off-page SEO, including Link building techniques such as Comment Backlinking, Guest Posting, Social sharing, and Web 2.O submission.

How to Write 100% On-Page SEO Blog Post?

You can use different SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and Rank math to do On-page SEO of your blog post.

But, I will tell you some necessary steps regarding optimizing your blog posts, as if you are using blogger, you will not have SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO.

Step 1- Add your keyword in the H1 tag, your blog post title (By default).

You can use Power words, numbers, and years within your title, which will increase the click-through rate of your blog post.

Step 2– Start with the introduction, talking about the user’s query, and answer the query within the first 300 words as a summary, in which you will use your targeted keyword at least one to two times in the introduction.

Step 3– Now, use your keyword in the H2 tag, which is your blog post’s subheading.

Step 4- Use your keyword within the content at least two to three times, but use it such as it seems relevant to your content and does not appear as you are doing keyword stuffing.

Step 5- At last, use your keyword two to three times within the conclusion of your blog post.

I suggest you have a keyword density of 0.5 to 0.7% within your content. You can find out the keyword density by dividing the number of times your content’s total length uses the keyword.

Step 6- You should also use your keyword inside the image attribute of your blog post.

Step 7- You should also include your keyword within your blog post’s meta description and URL.

Step 8– Interlinking of existing published posts and pages is necessary for On-page SEO.

Note- You should also link some other sites and make sure you make one backlink is Dofollow.

How to Promote Blog Post – Off-Page SEO

After doing On-page SEO, then comes Off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO techniques include link building techniques such as Comment backlinking, Guest posting, Web 2.O submission, Broken link building, answering questions on Foram sites, social media sharing, and so on.

The whole sole of off-page SEO techniques is link building, which is the most challenging task.

You may doubt what a is a backlink?

When you link a page to another page from a particular anchor text is known as a backlink.

You can understand it from an example,

Facebook is one of the best platforms for promoting your blog.”

When you move your cursor to the word Facebook, you can find that it refers to the other page.

This link is known as a backlink, and the text referring to another page is known as anchor text.

And when you link your existing posts to your blog post, this is known as interlinking, and when you connect to the other blogs or websites, it is known as external backlinking.

Both internal and external backlinking is essential for off-page SEO techniques.

Along with internal and external linking, there are two different types of backlinks- do follow and no follow backlinks.

When you refer the google crawler to follow the link, such links are known as dofollow, and if you refer the crawler not to follow, the link is known as nofollow backlink.

For link building techniques, both dofollow and nofollow backlinks are essential.

You should create both backlinks in the ratio of 3:1, which means if you are making three dofollow backlinks, you should have one nofollow backlink.

Now get back to our off-page SEO techniques-

1. Guest Posting.

When you reach other Blog authors belong similar to your niche, you ask for creating a guest post on your blog, which includes the URL of your site.

Backlinks you get from an authority blog of your similar niche are most valuable for your Blog, but nowadays, it is becoming most difficult to reach other authors for free.

If you want to guest post for free, I suggest you check out the Help a Reporter (HARO). It provides free guest posting.

off page seo techniques

2. Broken Link building.

You can find out the broken links on existing blog posts and pages from different tools available on Google, and then you can reach the blog owner and ask for publishing your blog post in place of their broken page. Besides, you will get a dofollow backlink.

off page seo techniques

3. Foram websites and Social profile making.

You can answer the questions related to your blog posts on foram sites such as Quora, Medium, etc., and link to your blog posts.

From quora, you will get free traffic, and it also helps for a new blog to show its presence for google.

You can also create your blog profile on multiple social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

When you create your profile on these sites, it becomes easy for the crawler to index your Blog.

4. Web 2.0 Submission and Comment Backlinking.

You can also submit your site on multiple web directories such as USAwebdirectory, and do commenting on various sites of your similar niche. Such techniques are also part of off-page SEO techniques.

There are hundreds of web submission websites which you can use for Blog.

I hope you like our guide on how to start a blog.

How to monetize a blog in 2021?

I have told you how to start a blog in the complete guide. Now comes how you can make money from your blog or, in other words, how to monetize a blog?

Today I will tell you the top 7 ways which you can use to monetize your blog.

So here we are-

1. Ad network- Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is one of the biggest ad platforms to monetize your blog. You need to apply for Google Adsense. As you get approval from Google Adsense, you can place different ads on your blog.

Google Adsense pays in two ways for its clicks and impression for your ads.

Before you apply for google AdSense, I suggest you go through their guidelines.

Suppose you made your mind monetize your Blog via Google Adsense. In that case, I suggest you create all the necessary pages such as Privacy policy, Disclaimer, About us page, and you should have at least 15 to 20 posts with unique content ( use your images and videos).

2. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the next option to monetize your blog. In affiliate marketing, you promote different affiliate programs products, and in exchange, you will get some commission for every sale.

It is more effective than Google Adsense, where you get 3 to 4 dollars for 1000 visitors. With affiliate marketing, you can earn up to 100 dollars with the same traffic.

Note: The money you earn depends on the affiliate network and product you promote on your blog.

If you want to know the list of top 11 affiliate networks, you can check our post on Top 11 Affiliate Sites like Clickbank-Clickbank Alternatives.

3. Sell Courses and E-books.

If you know a particular topic or subject, you can create your courses and e-books and promote them on your blog.

4. CPL and CPA marketing.

Different platforms such as Max bounty give you money per lead you generate from your blog.

You need to place a subscription form of max bounty on your blog, where you need to collect email ids, and in exchange, you can earn up to 20 dollars per lead.

5. Email marketing.

From your blog, you share your knowledge and experiences around a niche which creates your audience, and hence you can ask them for some bonuses related to your field you will provide if they submit their email id.

As you collect email ids, you can send emails regarding your services and products and generate sales.

These are the basic overview of monetizing your blog if you want to learn more detail and check out how to earn money from blogging in India 2021- Exclusive Guide.

My views on how to start a blog in India 2021.

After this pandemic of 2020, everyone is concerned about having a passive income with their jobs.

Then why you start making a passive income with your blog.

How to start a blog?

This is not a challenging task, as people think.

You can start your blog by following all the steps mentioned in this guide.

As you start your blog, I like to tell you that if you want to earn money from your blog, then you should work on it for at least one year without expecting any income.

Yes, this sounds crazy, but believe me, blogging is the real business.

I have told you about the income of different bloggers; they have done work hard on their blog for the years than after they are making this much money.

If you want to earn a five digits income, you can do it with blogging.

I hope you have liked our post on how to start a blog in India in 2021.

If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding how to start a blog, then know me in the comments.

Also, share this detailed guide with your friends and family who are looking for a way to create a good side income.

If you like to know more about passive income and blogging, then please subscribe to the newsletter.

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